Please see below the departments within the church

We believe in the power and efficacy of prayer. Our vision and passion is to encourage as well as challenge people to build up their prayer life in line with the example set by the Lord Jesus, who set apart regular times to commune with the Father. He modelled for us a lifestyle of prayer.

The members of this department ensure that the worship facility is kept tidy, safe and conducive for worship. They work hard to ensure that all church equipment and facilities are appropriately handled and stored safely.

This department provides the church with technical support for all church services and events that require sound. The technical department also handles the operation and maintenance of video and audio equipment.

This department help to transport church members to and from the church for services and also to programmes outside the church. The department ensures regular servicing of and good maintenance of the church vehicles. It keeps records, and ensures the safe keeping of all moveable and spare parts accessories of church vehicles. Members of the department are the drivers of or supervise the driving of all church vehicles at all times. The head of department is responsible for the renewal of vehicle particulars and associated documents.

The ushers meet, greet and seat parishioners and guests as they enter the worship centre. They direct foot traffic in and around the Sanctuary. They provide an atmosphere of warmth and acceptance, distributing literature and assisting guests with registration information.

The Church recognises the role of men as heads of their families both spiritually and physically. Therefore in this department men are equipped to be better husbands and fathers in their families. They are also challenged towards financial prosperity as heads of their families.

Called Above Rubies”, the women in our church are on fire for Christ; we are devoted to serving the Lord in all seasons. The department aims to foster spiritual growth and renewal among women and to equip them for service in the church. We aim to minister to the broad spectrum of women’s needs, being sensitive to multi-cultural and multiethnic perspectives. We meet regularly to pray and share the word of God. We also take time out to work on projects like contributing to the food bank.

The children are called Worshipping Warriors”.  Children are an inheritance from the LORD. They are a reward from Him. With these rewards also come responsibilities. As stewards of God’s children, parents are responsible for helping children grow physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. The church also has a responsibility toward children. In the children’s church, we aim to prayerfully and creatively minister to the spiritual needs of all.

We believe that the word of God abides forever. Our Sunday school sessions are highly interactive with balanced study of the scripture to enable us to grow in the knowledge and grace of God

The bible makes it clear to all that there is a”24/7 worship service” going on in heaven (Revelations 4 vs 8-11) and that on earth God is seeking true worshipers that will worship Him in spirit and truth (John 4 vs 23). We recognise this truth about God and seek to worship Him in spirit and truth each time we minister. A lifestyle of Holiness, Consecration and Dedication is pivotal for us in the choir. We are expanding and welcoming new members.

We will endeavor to remove attention away from man and/or tradition, realizing that the commandments of God take precedence over the traditions of man. We aim to lift up holy hands as we worship and usher the elect into the presence of the Almighty.



Worship with us:

Place of Worship:

Eaglestone Activity Centre (Main Hall),
8 Harrier Court, Eaglestone,
Milton Keynes MK6 5BZ.

Sunday from: 10.15 - 11.45am

Night Vigil Prayer

2nd Friday of every month:
Time: 9.00pm-12.00 midnight

Eaglestone Activity Centre (Main Hall),
8 Harrier Court, Eaglestone,
Milton Keynes MK6 5BZ.